Home Decor Magazines……a dying breed

I got my February issue of House Beautiful in the mail yesterday.  I actually couldn’t wait for my last New Year’s Eve guest to leave at 1:20am in the morning, so I could finally crack open those pages.  I saw it laying on my side table during the party and I was so excited every time I glanced at it.  There are so few of these magazines left that when my Elle Decor and House Beautiful arrive in the mail, I feel like I just won the lottery.  I can’t wait to scour through every page and see what the next fabulous room looks like.  These magazines are an integral part of my business.  The ideas spread across the pages keep me hunting from city to city, looking for the best antiques for my clients and customers.  Please continue to buy these ‘paper’ magazines, because I can’t imagine a life of just IPAD applications.  I need to touch these pages, rip them out, pin them up on my bulletin board and admire them for years to come.


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