This is the time to buy Antiques

This is my first DinnerParty Antiques blog post.  I am so excited about finally getting this blog underway and providing an additional service to our customers.  I want to let our customers know our upcoming show schedule and to showcase our fabulous new finds.   Plus so much more!   Avid antique collectors for over 15 years, we even had a little store along the way.  But due to the crash in the real estate market, we had to get serious about selling antiques.  A year ago we did our first show ever in Chicago at the Randolph St Market.  It was a  ringing success and I knew at that moment, my husband and I could really convert our passion about antiques into our new career.

I am so grateful to all of the wonderful people we have met in the last year who have bought from us, guided us and helped make this venture possible. 

During this economic crisis, there is no better time to buy antiques.   Whether you are buying to invest or buying to decorate your home, antiques are a true value.  I look at it as a savings account hanging from the wall or sitting on my living room floor.


2 thoughts on “This is the time to buy Antiques

  1. Way to go Shelli ~ you can now share your fabulous finds with everyone! The antique market is your truly your & Ralph’s niche.

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